Hotels We Love: Las Serenas Villas in Palm Springs

Bohemian Chic Hotel in Palm Springs

There comes a time in every mom’s life when you give yourself the go ahead for a kid-free vacation. You’ve successfully kept a little human alive for months if not years and need a kid-free getaway like your little one needs a glass of water before bedtime. It’s time for a road trip. Destination Palm Springs.

Queue mid-century modern everything, sparkling pools, palm trees for days and that desert heat that recharges your exhausted bones. While there are plenty of hotels in the greater Palm Springs area, I’m particularly in love with Las Serenas Villas. And sorry kid, it’s adults-only.

Dear kids,

We have found paradise. Upon our return we are moving the bathtub to the backyard (trust us) and breakfast will now be served in a picnic basket. Sorry gotta go, Lars set-up rooftop yoga! See you soon!

Love, Mom

Nailing that California chic bohemian vibe, I wonder if we’ve stumbled into my dream Pinterest board and immediately want to make this my forever home. Oogling out of the way, it’s time to do what we came for. Nothing. And the pool, which looks like it could be in Morocco, is where we float the day away, moving as few limbs as possible. Except the one to order more tacos and cocktails. Which we happily consume from the pool.

Girls Getaway or Romantic Road Trip

Stylish rooms are comfortable yet incredibly chic. Our room had a clawfoot bathtub and fireplace on the patio which begged for bubbles (the kind you soak in and the kind you drink) and star-gazing at that desert sky. Perfection. Mornings are peaceful and guests are treated with a European-style breakfast served in individual picnic baskets, which we ate poolside in a state of complete bliss.

Lars, the hotelier, felt like a friend after a few days, arranging rooftop yoga, dinner suggestions and morning mimosas, making some tired-ass parents feel completely pampered. And yea, the massage helped too. While they don’t have a spa per se, they do have treatment rooms to melt away any remaining stress.

You know what they say – a happy mom is a happy family. Do they say that? If not, they should. Go here and bring your spouse, bring your girls or just treat yo self.

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