How to SLOCAL like a Local: Guide to San Luis Obispo

Travel like a local in San Luis Obispo, California

Every time I walk by Bubblegum Alley on the beautiful tree-lined streets of downtown SLO, I wonder why it became a map-worthy attraction. It’s pretty much my worst fear – other people’s chewed gum in close proximity to not only to my shoe, but my whole body. Gross. And it doesn’t even make the top 100 of what locals (aka SLOCALS) are doing in this darling city. Instead, check out these family-friendly things to do, eat, drink and shop in San Luis Obispo, CA:

From restaurants to outdoor adventure, San Luis Obispo is a very kid-friendly city. So bring your family, have some adventures and offer a smile to passerbys, Slocals are a friendly bunch. And try to stay out of any sticky situations.

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