A {sort-of} Love letter to Maine

I was born and partly-raised a Mainer (read: Mainah). And though I’ve lived in California for twenty years, Maine still has a piece of my heart. Especially when I see it through the eyes of my husband and little one, who are both completely smitten with Maine life. It’s an easy to life to romanticize. The foodie scene is top notch and nature takes center stage, from picturesque islands to snow-covered mountains. The quiet egotism of it’s state motto (Maine, The Way Life Should Be) is true on many levels. While R&R is easy on a visit to Vacationland, day-to-day life is not for the weak. And that’s what I love/just can’t handle about it. And though I’ve tried, Maine, I just cant quit you.

Dear Maine,

It was great seeing you this summer. You looked good. Our swims in the lake, BBQs and I love that little oyster bar you took me to. But really, I’m still a little upset about how you dumped that brutal winter on us when we tried to move our thin-skinned California selves back a few years ago. Why do you always push away the ones that love you? I know, I know. Gotta earn your keep.

I thought of you the other day. Remember those cozy days by the fire with a glass of red while the kids made a snow fort? And then we went to that amazing ramen bar┬áin downtown Portland while the snow fell in seemingly slow motion. Sigh…

Truth is, I miss your seasons. Even the cold ones. Jax wears his Sugarloaf hat everyday and it reminds me of our un-plugged family ski weekends. After a full day skiing, we peel off our layers for a well-earned apre-ski cocktail and jump in the hot tub. The stars twinkle so bright amongst the dark sky and pines. Gosh those were some good times.

But then you dumped that huge-a** snow snowstorm where I couldn’t get out of the car because the banks were so high. And forget about going to the grocery store with a toddler in the middle of a nor’easter. Not cool, Maine. And it snowed until the end of April. Seriously though, April? Okay, stop laughing.

Well gotta go. California just made me a smoothie. See you soon.



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